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We are a bicycle rental service aimed at the rider that wants to take his or her passion for cycling with them on a business trip, or vacation. Whether you are a serious road racer, use a bike for commuting, or enjoy cycling vacations, this is the service for you. To get going, read about how to use the site, take some key measurements from your usual bike and enter those on our bike fit page, then select a bike, select a city where you are heading, and finally sign up on our Rent a bike page. You will only need to do this once for as many rentals in different locations that you may need. We will deliver the bike of your choice with any accessories you'll need, so you dont ever have to worry again about dismantling and re-assembling your bike for travel, or seeing it damaged in transit. You don't have to worry about expensive airport shipping fees, or lugging it around with you, or having to rent a big car just to fit it in. Choose the city, find the best routes on this site or even group rides, and have your bike delivered when you need it, and taken away when your finished. We are "your bike away from home"
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