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How To use the site
Step 1 First lets make sure we have what you are looking for, this bike rental is intended for road bikes, touring bikes and commuter bikes. Click on “Select a Bike” to view the types of bikes we have and the sizes we have them in.
Step 2 Where are you heading? RentARoadBike aims to have rentals in many places. But we are a new company and may not yet have the business sit up in your desired city. Click a “Choose a City” the drop down box will show you the city we are already set up in.
Step 3 We want to have your rental bike match up the bike you normally ride. It is unlikely to be identical, but through the “Bike fit & Setup” we should be able to get you pretty close. If you use us again the fit & set up is remembered, but you can modify it to suit.
Step 4 Check out the full “Price List” so you’ll know how much you will be charged.
Step 5 “Signup” to use RentARoadBike.
Step 6 Accessorize your rental. Will you be riding at night and need a light? Will you need panniers to carry items? Did you forget something? You can add them here.
Step 7 Rent your bicycle simply by running through each page after sign up starting from the home page.