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The setting up of a bicycle to fit an individual perfectly is best done by an expert. However, some basic sizing measurements can be taken to get a pretty close and consistent fitting, certainly more than adequate for a rental period. At RentARoadBike we can get your fitting pretty close by following some basic set up measurements, and then we can deliver your rental ready to ride every time you use us in any location. Take a look at the diagram below, grab a tape measure, and then fill in the form below and we’ll record these settings:
 Use either centimeters or inches
What is your height?
What make and model bicycle do you use normally?
What is the top tube measurement?
What is the seat tube measurement? (note: often top tube is adequate)
What is the measurement of A?
What is the measurement between points B and C?
 Some measurement definitions
Top Tube Length : Center to Center
Seat tube Length: Center of BB to Center of Seat Tube/Top Tube Intersection
Distance from Front Tip of Seat to Center of Handlebar (A)
Seat Height: From Top of Seat to Center of Pedal Spindle when Crank is placed directly in-line with Seat Tube at bottom of Stroke. (B to C)
 Additional Setup
 Standard Setup
Typically 25mm clincher tires – set to 80-120 psi.
Two water bottle holders
Manual Pump
Seat bag with spare tube, tire levers, Allen wrench
 Custom choices
Please enter your pedal type (included in rental price)
Are there any other requests, or comments about your bike setup?